I am a writer. Young, learning, inexperienced, but a writer nonetheless. Part of being a writer is identifying myself as one, but the other (and more important) part is actually writing. Putting pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, fingertip to touch screen. It’s what separates the wannabes from the superstars and it’s not easy. I […]

(Title sang to the tune of this song.) I hunch over my computer, my resolve to sit up straight abandoned, and feel the end of the semester creep up behind me and smack me over the head. Sure, I’m a senior and I don’t care as much/am better at “school,” but my stress level is […]

If you want to, get all fancy with text on top of your photos… Don’t have a wine bar? Now you have a chic one. One killer lady with an equally killer sneaker collection. An earnest essay about the (non)importance of being earnest.

I love my college’s student newspaper. My second semester at ASU I started writing for the magazine. Short stories mostly about local businesses. After that I worked for a year as the tennis reporter. It was a lot of fun and my writing became better over the three semesters. I know countless people who write, […]

I’ve loved Christopher Silas Neal‘s illustrations for a while and found this lovely one he did for the 30 Reasons project.